1983 - 1988 Higher Education in Fine Arts - St-Lukas, Brussels. (Sculpture)
Student at the Willem de Kooning Academy, ( Nl.) (Conceptual thinking and designing in context)
Since 1990 sculpture teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts ‘de Lei’, Leuven

Selection commissions-acquisitions
2011 Commission of a monumental sculpture cityhall Herent
2008 Commission of the awards IPRA's Biennial Global Conference, Leuven
2007 Commission of a sculpture for Aannemingen Janssen Geel
Commission of a monumental sculpture IMEC Leuven
2006 Commission of a sculpture by Bedrijvencentrum Leuven
2005 Commission of a sculpture by OCMW Tervuren
2004 Commission of the award "Nationale Onderhandelingswedstrijd 2004" Utrecht, (Nl.) (also in 2005,2006 )
2003 Commission of the awards for the contest of steel construction Luxemburg, Brussels, (ARCELOR) (also in 2004,2005 )
2002 Monumental sculpture commissioned by the company Isolair, Genk
2001 Acquisition of the sculpture ‘Abundance’ by the bank Dexia Brussels
1999 Park sculpture commissioned by the city of Leuven
1995 Monumental wall relief,commissioned by the Psychiatric Center Bethanienhuis, Malle
2005 Winner of the sculpture contest for OCMW. at Tervuren
Second prize of the sculpture contest roundabout at Bertem
2001 Laureate Lode Verhaeghen Contest for sculpture, Leuven
1995 Winner of the integrated art contest, Bethaniënhuis, Malle
1987 Laureate Higher Education in Fine Arts Brussels, sculpture
Prize for the discipline of sculpture by the association ‘Gulden Sporen’ at Kortrijk

Selection exhibitions
2012 participation 'CHART' Kortenberg (catalogue)
participation 'Beelden op den IJzerenberg' (catalogue)
2011 participation 'Kunstroute' Leuven
Expo 'Fusion' Kulturama Predikherenkerk Leuven
2010 Expo 'WITH_wit' Kulturama Kapel van de Romaanse poortLeuven
2007 Expo in garden and gallery 15A, Lochem (Nl.)
‘Drie maal vier brabanders in Leuven’, Gallery Engelen-Marx, Leuven. (catalogue)
2006 'Landshapes' Tweebronnen Leuven. Inl. Stef Van Bellingen
'Beelden in Gees' , Gees (Nl.) (catalogue)
'Beelden op den Ijzerenberg' Winksele (catalogue) 2005
2005 'Meditations' by MulierMulier, Knokke-Zoute
'Sculptour 2005' Gallery Beukenhof, Kluisbergen (catalogue)
2004 'Tuin in Beeld', castle Leyselebeke, St.-Michiels-Brugge (catalogue)
'Sculptures in Auxiliatrix' Venlo,(Nl.) (catalogue)
2003 'Sculpture 2003' Sint-Joost-ten-Noode (catalogue)
'Beelden op den Ijzerenberg', Wilsele (catalogue)
2001 ‘A(rt)ssenede 2001’, Assenede (catalogue)
2000 ‘Labyrint’ Zwijndrecht-Burcht, curator Stef Van Bellingen (catalogue)
‘Kunst voor Kunst’, Oude Abdij à Drongen, curator Filip Van de Velde (catalogue)